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Yay, I’m close to home this weekend!

It's fab to work in weddings and parties and you get to go to places sometimes you'd never imagine you would. Sometimes though it is really nice to do a batch of bookings on the doorstep!  This weekend I started with a 60th birthday party at the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. As you may probably know, I really love going to the Midland and am now becoming friends with the staff there.  Vicky the wedding and events manager is great. Her mum has Dotty's Vintage on Albert Road in the West End of Morecambe, doubly great!

Anyway,  the next wedding was a pretty tower of cupcakes in red and white.  The celebration was held at the Vale of Lune Rugby Club on Powder House Lane in Lancaster.  You would never have known where you were after stepping inside the marquee like room with white draped fabric on the walls and potted plants dotted around complete with red and white balloons.  Zoe had requested 150 cakes with alternating red and white glittery sugar butterflies.

On to Castle Green, Kendal  in the evening and a glorious sunny day for all Saturdays events! Paul and Hollie booked a chocolate foundue for their reception in Castle Green's Kendal Suite.  We go to Castle Green quite often and I do recommend it highly.  The staff and food are second to none,  it's always a real pleasure to go there. Lorraine from Bowness Wedding Photography has captured some great "chocolate shots" so I will look forward to posting them when they are ready.

And finally my first visit to the Sun Cafe in Lancaster who were hosting a wedding breakfast for 40. I will definitely be visiting this quirky little Italian Cafe again it was great. My job today was a cupcake tower in cream toffee gold and ivory with sugar pearls.  It was lovely to meet Enzo there who is proprietor and Head Chef. Looking forward to going back!

Monday, day off getting ready to bake for the shop at the Plaza Arcade in Morecambe. Pop in! xx