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Why Choose Us

You need to make a choice and this is why you should choose "Madam Chocolat" Naughty

We are more Superior and Spectacular
more Scrummy and Yummy
more Divine and Delicious...

..and here's WHY


Madam Chocolat Loves Chocolate

fruit-display-2Madam Chocolat was founded in 2005 by a professional pastry chef with an obvious love for chocolate,  here follows her story........

"You may be wandering why I’m sharing all this info with you. Well, I would like you to see the connection between my Chef experience and my company, Madam Chocolat.

Madam Chocolat was formed because of a personal love of Chocolate, baking, making and creating wonderful “things” using sweet ingredients. Around seven years ago I saw my first chocolate fountain in Selfridges, London and I thought the concept was amazing.

So, I got one.

louisestu_286Combining the Chocolate Fountain and the Pastry Chef together I was able to create a unique and all together higher class service using many years of “chocolate knowledge”. The relationships I have built with suppliers over the years has enabled me to easily use the finest quality ingredients.

When I left school I trained to be a Chef and studied full time until I became City and Guilds qualified.
I worked in the beautiful Lake District at various quality hotels and restaurants continuosly learning new skills and specializing in my passionate area “desserts” (all things chocolatey, sweet and sugary)"

Yummy Puddings at the Reform

Continuting my Chef career I moved to Manchester and spent sometime making the yummy puddings at the Reform restaurant.

Soap stars were regular diners and White House aide Monica Lewinsky put in an appearance. “With enough animal print to make Julie Goodyear slaver, Reform has a glittering chandelier/sweeping staircase approach to interior design” - City Life Magazine

cerise-lights“Puddings took an age to arrive, because I ordered a citrus crumble souffle. But it was worth the wait, combining the puffiness of a souffle with the comforting richness of a bread and butter pudding and tangy with lemon and orange zest. John's ginger creme brulee was also good, and served with heavenly ginger biscuits” - The Independent

Exclusive Cakes at the Lounge 10

On my departure from the Reform I joined the team at the Manchester Midland before taking the pastry chef position at the exclusive restaurant Lounge Ten where I prepared breads, cakes and desserts lovingly there from 2001 until 2007.

The following reviews of my work are courtesy of

Sugarvine and the wonderful Lounge Ten Restaurant in Manchester.

Recommended by Ciara O'hara (22nd April 2007)

"Myself and my fiancé recently dined in Lounge 10 as part of a surprise visit to Manchester from Ireland for my fiancés 30th birthday. It was absolutely delicious! The highlight had to be the dessert selection to share between two. It included homemade artic roll which was yummy....but the chocolate mousse....out of this world!! The music and the magician really topped off the dining experience. Would highly recommend it."

Recommended by Marianne (15th March 2007)

"It was the service that made my night extra special for us. The young man who looked after our table was the most efficient waiter I have ever seen, nothing was too much trouble. I recommend thoroughly a night out to this wonderful restaurant, and when you go make sure you have the chocolate for your pudding, it is divine!"

Recommended by Alex (6th March 2006)

"I had the baked clotted cream cheesecake with fresh strawberries for dessert and my boyfriend went for the baked alaska. Both were scrumptious AGAIN! We finished the meal off with a champagne cocktail which was obviously made with very good champagne and was delicious."

Recommened by Mat (6th January 2006)

"With not much room left for desserts, we didn't think we would be able to manage another course however our plates were licked clean of yummy Baileys."

Recommended by Anonymous By Request (15th June 2004)

"Travelled to Manchester from London for friends birthday party pleasantly suprised. Had fantastic evening, food delicious and desserts to die for.
"I gave this restaurant 4/5 because of the dessert - I had After Eight Brownies with Mint Ice Cream. It was out of this world and the presentation was amazing!!!!"

The Best Chocolate

The all important bit …… chocolate!

Ok, most people don’t have an in depth knowledge of chocolate so I won’t go on about it too much. The chocolate I use in the fountain is a very well known brand in the chef/catering world. It is by Callebaut, a Belgian company who are the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality cocoa, chocolate and confectionery products. Now I’m not saying it’s the best chocolate in the world. (that would cost you more than the fountain machine itself) Though I have used this chocolate myself in baking, chocolate making and moulding for most of my chef life. I know it does the job, tastes good and everybody thinks it’s yummy so combined with my delicious treats and fruits we have a winner.

It is perfect for use in the fountain and also has a great taste. To the best of my knowledge most Chocolate Fountain companies use this delicious Callebaut Belgian Chocolate, which is available in many different variations and strengths not just MILK or and white girl
The difference between the companies is that the majority don’t have the know how simply how to “work” with it. How to melt it, what temperature to melt it to, how to store it etc. Some of you may have heard that oils are used in the chocolate. It’s a crying shame that apparently some people DO add oil, but only those who don’t know how to use the chocolate.

If in doubt, ask, simple!
All these factors play an important part in the service of your event. All these factors if guessed could be disastrous to the end result, and we don’t want that now do we?..........."

You only need to ask one question when choosing the fountain supplier.......


Firstly and I think most importantly, are they chefs?


Would you get your hair cut from a dentist?

Would you go to the grocers for a bunch of flowers?

Would you have a buffet for your event made by the reception team?

Would a phone sales man by day be the ideal man to set up and serve your chocolate fountain?


Come on guys!!!!  Think about it who's going to put on the best show Madam Chocolat with 20 years chef/patisserie skills or Fred from the office down the road rushing to Sainsbury's an hour before your function starts grabbing whatever he can from the shelves to dip in your fountain. hmmm...  do you really have a choice?

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