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Chocolate Fountain for Weddings

It's Your Wedding.....

Bride and Groom

Chocolate Fountain Hire works a treat at wedding receptions and we have attended over 700 weddings since Madam Chocolat began.

Designer is the buzz word look out for lots of fruits on elegant glass stemmed vintage cake plates.

Madam ChocolatFor every bride however, the key trend has to be individuality. Every bride wants to look unique on her wedding day and so shall be your "chocolate boutique" personally styled to compliment your colours.

Handmade Baby Cupcakes are the ultimate finishing touch for every bride – think vintage and retro!

From elegant fresh fruits on mirrors to fashionable Sex and the City Baby Cupcakes a Unique Chocolate Boutique, yes, a mad assortment of all things bright and colourful.

The fountain at your wedding acts as a centrepiece, think of it more as a dessert buffet.  Presented inside its mood lighting unit it creates an eye catching display of fresh fruits and confectionery pieces.

I Heart CakeThe table is then decorated to compliment your chosen colour scheme.

For example if you have a baby pink theme we will drape matching tulle and organza around it.

F a b u l o u s  you have decided to have a fountain......

What will happen on your day?

In the Afternoon...... It really works well to have the fountain in the afternoon maybe just after the ceremony for when everybody arrives at the venue.  While you are having you photographs taken everybody can mingle around and enjoy the fruits and confectionery.

What a great alternative to canapés!

For the Evening ......We will arrive at your venue an hour before you would like the fountain to start.  Ideally this would be at a time where the area would be people free perhaps at the same time you dj is  arriving to set up for the evening or while the function suite is being changed around for the night time celebrations. The fountain will be running for when the guests arrive back in to the suite and also for dessert alongside a buffet if you are having one.

bridesThe health and hygiene aspect and respect to other guests and our reputation is our number one priority.

Nothing is limited; your guests can eat as much chocolate as they wish.  Also they don't HAVE to have chocolate; there are plenty of items of confectionery and fruits that can all be enjoyed without having chocolate on them!

The Service.....what will we be doing?

We need an hour to set up the fountain. This isn't  included in the hire period which is three hours. The fresh fruits and confectionery are presented around the chocolate.

There are two attendants who are with the fountain at all times.  They are there to assist and serve your guests.  They will make up a skewer for each guest and cover it in as much or as little chocolate as required for each guest. As we are serving there is no need to worry about mess.  The skewer is handed to the guests in a small, neat tray to enable the Castlefield Hotel Manchetstermelted chocolate to sit nicely in the bottom.  The guests then take their tray of chocolate back to their table and return as many times as they wish.  We will periodically remove all the trays from your tables.

Why do we do this?

Having attended so many events with our fountains we have tried several different ways of service.  We have found if the guests serve themselves, it is an automatic reaction for them to eat from their skewer and straight away without thinking select another item using the same skewer they have eaten from.  For obvious hygiene reasons we will not allow this to happen!  Hence we serve everybody using the trays to prevent this.


For more details contact Kathryn at Madam Chocolat, working hard to design for you the ultimate Chocolate Centrepiece.

For all of you who are already booked in,  I look forward to seeing you soon and wish you all the best for your special day!