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Proms & Balls

Prom Wishes

"......and the party-goers are 16-year-old school-leavers eager to celebrate the end of their exams. The American-style prom has arrived, pushing aside the old-fashioned disco at schools all over the country"

This section has been added to help you students and give advice on how to make the very best of your school proms and college ball parties.

For many high school students, the prom is full of lasting memories

What is prom, really?

Just an over-the-top party? A girl thing? A night for romance? A graduation party? As with all our fountain hire, the display can be themed to suit your event or individual style.

 "You did a wonderful job!! I had an "AWESOME" time! Thank you for all your hard work." Sarah

Reebok Stadium May 2008

Madam Chocolat has provided fountains for:

Cumbria University

Lancaster University

Manchester University

Buile Hill High School

University of Central Lancashire

Devonshire Hall, Leeds University

School of Dentistry, Manchester

Gatreacre Comprehensive, Liverpool

Liverpool University

Carnatic House, Liverpool

End of year proms are a fantastic way for you young people to mark the end of important period in your lives and share  hopes and ambitions for the future.Blue Illuminated Surround

Stunning selection of flavoursome fruits, naturally we ensure that being wicked is always a pure experience.

It's fair to say that our extensive range of confectionery pieces offer many shades of wickedness from a short burst of light-cocoa escapism to full-blown chocolate immersion.

People often tell us we create the best looking fountain display. And no wonder.

I can't stress enough the importance of using a professional chef company Shooz 'n' Bagzto supply a chocolate fountain or any other food for that matter for such an important occasion.

For all you high schoolers gearing up for that special day -- prom -- that mark of your  end of  high school career.

You need your Dress, (the one-of-a-kind dress)
Tuxedo, corsages or boutonnieres,
The Spectacular Shoes
The Elegant Hair
Your Limo Rental.......
and of course my services creating a focal point to your venue with a unique dessert display.

My goodness ever wondered what it would have been like to celebrate the end of high school during simpler times?????? (we didn't even have a PROM in my day at Ripley St. Thomas, Lancaster!) I dread to think what we would have worn back then.

  I think it should be pretty formal, don't you ?

If you are resposible for organising the Prom or Ball for your School or College and you need some expertise assistance give Party Essence a call, a company dedicated to creating the perfect party atmosphere.  From Venue Transformation to Balloon Decor and Table Swagging to  a complete PA service for the evening taking all the stress away from you! Prom Gowns by The Bridal Collection


Head BoyAre you responsible for your school's  Prom?

Give me a call to discuss your budget! Head Girl