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Chocolate Fountain hire with a massive difference to others! The confectionery is handmade by us, so unique you wont see these dipping items anywhere else in the world!

The little tiny pieces to me are in the chef world known as Petit Fours which I believe translates to Little Bites. They are traditionally meant to be served with coffee after a meal. So I have adapted recipes I have used for petit fours to create my little bites to display around the chocolate fountain. Yes, they are handmade, they are unique, they are yummy and they are made especially for you. They can be themed as well to suit different occasions. For example I had a request for a children’s party at a farm for “farm animal cookies” to dip….Pink Sugar Pig Cookies and Brown Cow Biscuits all round!

Some of my favourites are Baby Cupcakes, Heart Shaped Cookies, Carrot Cake Muffins, Cranberry Flap Jack, After 8 Brownies

I like to provide an array of goodies.

I don’t like the idea of “picking five dips” personally I think that’s a bit “naff” but hey, everybody is entitled to an opinion. I would just bring along a good colourful variety around 20 or so different items (whose counting!) so I know I have something that everybody will like. Of course the old marshmallows and fudges will always have an appearance.

"see, I told you mine were better!"

some fountain companies say "we won't be beaten on quality and service"

oh really?  well beat this baby

cherry cookie dough
cherry cookie dough going in my oven absolutely no preservatives, no  additives just home made yumminess by me for your fountain

home made cookieshazlenut and chocolate cookies