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Chocolate Fountain Hire & The Best Fresh Fruits

Chocolate Fountains are a great way to dispaly lots of colourful and seasonal fresh fruits. Fruits delivered directly to me from Smithfield Market handpicked by my fruit supplier. He knows exactly what it is for. It’s for a wedding, YOUR wedding and I want to provide you the best possible accompaniments to your fountain.

He knows how very important it is to me to bring me the sweetest, reddest berries, the ripest melons, the softest mangoes, the tastiest pineapples......

If it’s not the BEST, I don’t want it.

" I can create a dessert experience that won't soon be forgotten. The key is fresh ingredients and immaculate presentation. Only the freshest, lush fruits are chosen for the display. Strawberries, grapes, mangos, melons, cherries, pineapples are hot favourites. For a more exotic touch, guavas, custard apples (sitaphal), papaya, passion fruits really go down a treat. In our experience, guests simply cannot wait to sample the exotic fruits on display! Apart from being part of an attractive display, the fruit also serves a dual purpose as dessert."

Have you been searching for a dazzling fruit display for your wedding reception or event.......

Look no further.  100% of the preparation is done for you on the day of your event by our professional trained staff, assuring the fruit looks inviting, luscious and welcoming to you guests. Serve your guests a fresh fruit medley, we can cater to your requirements and artfully prepare fresh tropical and Mediterranean fruit with elegance and style.